Game of Stones


Goals of the game:

  • spend joyful time outside (combine the tendency of the today’s generations to have fun using their cell phone with the healthy walks and roundtrips),
  • support and develop creativity and artistic skills,
  • collect and compare points to have fun with your family, friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbours, etc.

This game is all about stones

What is a stone?

Stones are real natural stones, painted by its authors. Every piece is therefore a 100% original masterpiece. Stones in this game always wear a special marking, which is the web address of the game and a unique ID (identification) of the stone. A typical stone would therefore have the marking
GOF.ST/ID, where ID is the unique ID of the stone.

Which parameters does a stone have?

Stones have
name given by their author,
painting created by their author (incl. photo in the app),
label incl. web address of the game and unique ID,
value which is steadily growing based on the stone category, age, travelled distance and number of holders,
history of all locations, incl. number of holders, travelled distance.

What are the stones good for?

Stones can be created (e. g. painted), placed, revealed on the world map, reserved, found. Creation, placing and finding of stones result in gaining points for the respective player.

What is the stone value good for?

The stone value is a number which has a direct influence on the rewards for the stone revealing, finding, reserving and placing.

How is the stone value calculated?

The stone value is based on the stone category (more precious categories increase the value), age (aging increases the value), travelled distance (total travelled distance increases the value) and number of holders so far (the more players held the stone the higher the value is).

How can I also become a player?

You need to download the app and register on the login page of the app. Registration can be also done via your Facebook or Google account.

Creating stones

How can I create a stone?

Go to the My Dashboard in the app to see if you are eligible to create new stones. You should be able to navigate to the stone creation screen to see which categories you can create. You will be afterwards guided by the app through the following 3 steps:
1. stone naming and ID generation (you will name the stone by your creativity) and stone type generation,
2. stone paiting (you will paint the stone and take a picture of it, i. e. the app requires a camera for this step),
3. stone placing (you will place the stone by snapping the current location of your device, i. e. the app requires a GPS sensor for this step).
There is a reward for stone creation in terms of the player points increase. The next reward come as soon as another player finds this stone.

Which stone categories can be created?

The application lets you create 4 categories of stones:
basic stones: there is a limit of stones that can be created daily, but no further conditions otherwise,
minerals: there is a daily limit as well as a condition that you need to find 3 basic stones in order to create a new mineral,
semiprecious stones: there is a daily limit as well as a condition that you need to find 3 minerals in order to create a new semiprecious stone,
precious stones: there is a daily limit as well as a condition that you need to find 3 semiprecious stones in order to create a new precious stone.
Each of the stone categories contains many different stone types that are automatically generated by the app. These lead to better game diversity and different quests and rewards will be introduced in later stages of this game, employing this stone type.

How do I paint a stone?

It is essential that the stone label (unique ID and web address) survives all possible weather conditions outside, so please pay special attention to the materials you select.
Please check this youtube video: XXXXXXXXX

What MUST be on the stone?

The mandatory information which the creating player needs to paint or write on the stone is its unique ID and the web address GOF.ST. It is essential that this label survives all possible weather conditions outside, so please pay special attention to the materials you select.
The format is the following, where ID is the unique alphanumeric identification code. GOF.ST/ID

What CANNOT be on the stone?

Please respect each other, be polite and play fair. This is also true for the stone painting, labeling and naming. Please do not use any abusive terms or pictures. Please think on the fact that this game is played by children as well.

Placing stones

How can I place a stone?

You can either place stones that you are newly creating or stones that you found and have not placed yet. The app lists all such stones and gives you the possibility to place the stone.
The stone placing is a combination of the physical stone placing (you lay or hide the stone on some place) and location marking on the map. The location is marked automatically by the app as soon as you place the stone with the help of the app (a GPS sensor is mandatory).

What is the reward for stone placing?

There is no reward explicit for the stone placing. The placing player gets a reward as soon as the stone is found by another player. The reward amount is influence by the following factors:
– stone value at the time of finding by the next player,
– time period for which the stone was hidden (i. e. time between placing by the player and finding by the next player),
– distance between the previous stone location and the current stone location.
That means that the more valuable the stone is, the better the reward is. The reward is also very impacted by the time period before the stone is found to motivate the placing players to find a good hide (but not too difficult, to still earn the reward). The placing player is also motivated to take the stone some more kilometers further to get a good reward.

Can I correct already placed stones?

The location can be corrected for some time after the placing (currently until 24 hours from the placing time). The location cannot be corrected if another player already reserved or found the stone.

Revealing and reserving stones on the map

How can I reveal stones on the map?

Revealing stones is easy. Revealing stones of the lowest valule (from 0 to 20) does not cost any revealing price and is available for any player. By pressing the respective button, stones of values below 20 are shown on the selected location (the map section visible on your screen). If you move the map to another are and you want to show stones in that are, you need to press the button again. In case there are too many stones for the selected area (e. g. you zoomed out the map), the app might limit the amount of stones shown on the map (typically the first 100 stones are displayed). Zooming in can then assure that all available stones are shown.
The app contains 3 more buttons for revealing higher-valued stones (values between 20 and 40, 40 and 60 and values greater than 60). Revealing such stones for the selected are is paid by player points (therere is always a confirmation popup message showing the price and if the player confirms to pay it). After paying, maximally 3 stones of the respective values are shown on the selected map area. If no stones are found for that area, points are not charged to the player and the player can select another area and try revealing stones there.

How do I reserve a stone?

A stone can be reserved via the map in the app. You can easily search in the location of your interest for stones and reserve a stone. The time limited reservation hides that stone for other players (on the app map, not in the real world) so that you have higher chances to get it. The reservation price (deducted from the player’s points) is based on the stone value. The reservation time is limited, so please hurry up.

Can I reserve multiple time?

The amount of reservation is not limited. You can reserve as many times you want in case you have enough points to cover the reservation price.

Finding stones

How do I find a stone?

A stone can be found by 2 ways:
– spontaneously (e. g. seeing a painted stone during a walk, trip, etc.),
– using the map and reservation feature in the app.

What should I do when I find a stone, but I do not know this game?

You can join this game if you like it, in that case please download our app and register on its login page.
If you do not want to play this game, please leave the stone on its position. This is essential for other players of this game, please do not interfere the game.

What should I do when I find a stone?

Please use the app to enter its unique ID with which the stone is always labeled. Click on the stone in the middle of the bottom bar of the app to show a popup window with the field for entering of the unique ID. In case you are eligible, the stone status will change to found and you will get the first portion of points for this stone. The second (typically much larger) portion of points is rewarded after you place the stone and the next player finds it.

When am I eligible to get a reward for finding?

You are always rewarded. The only condition is that you can find the same stone (i. e. with the same ID) just once.

Why can’t I find a stone I reserved?

There might be different reasons for that. One reason might be that the stone is well hidden, another reason might be that the stone got lost or stolen. We ask all to think on this aspect when selecting a spot to place the stone. The app will support a feature of reporting (not implemented yet), so that the stone is automatically deactivated in case multiple players report the stone to be lost.