Game of Stones


What is the idea of the game?

New modern dimension of the hand-painted stone seeking game with a flavour of geocaching.

The idea is to collect points by discovering precious stones. These are precious in the sense that other players placed them into the game. Every stone is a special masterpiece since it is hand-painted by its creator.

Every stone has a generated unique ID so that the stone can be easily tracked on its jurney around the globe.

Other players that have not discovered the stone so far might be able to display it on the map, reserve it, locate and discover it and display its past jurney after finding. There is a special rewarding system behind and possibility to connect with your friends compete on the score.

All that is supported by a simple app that can be installed on any phone.

Goals of the game:

  • spend joyful time outside (combine the tendency of the today’s generations to have fun using their cell phone with the healthy walks and roundtrips),
  • support and develop creativity and artistic skills,
  • collect and compare points to have fun with your family, friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbours, etc.